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Ashura processions witness pro-freedom stuff in Budgam

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‘There is an immediate need of resolving the long pending Kashmir dispute’

Photo/Abid Hussain

Budgam, Sep 21: A large number of Shia Muslims, while commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain (as) and his companions here, used Muharram processions as a mark of protest against injustice meted out in different parts of the world.

Beating chests and reciting eulogies, mourners carried out a huge procession from Jamia Babul Ilem Mirgund in the morning which was divided into dozens of processions and  culminated in Budgam Township on late night.

With people from all walks of life participating in the day long procession, a group of mourners said, “Ashura is a platform where we remember Imam Hussain (as) and show our support to the oppressed people of the world.”

Black-clad Shia Muslims wore T-shirts and badges with “resistance messages” in order to raise their voice against injustice. Pro-freedom slogans also reverberated in processions.

“Karbala a call to stand up against Oppression Injustice Humiliation Terrorism,” reads a T-shirt. Another reads, “Karbala-e-Kashmir is waiting for its own Hussain (as).” While as Mazloom Kashmir (Oppressed Kashmir) was written on the badges.

A mourner, Shujaat Hussain said, “Imam Hussain (as) in Karbala teaches us how to stand against the oppression and Yazids of every era.”

Significantly, a noha (Eulogy) was recited to get attention of the world towards Kashmir and Palestine issue. While beating their chests, mourners were seen reciting “Kashir manz ti barpa chi Karbala Hussain. Palestine ti gesten wen riha Hussain. (In Kashmir, it’s Karbala O Hussain. May Palestine also get freedom O Hussain).

Muharram processions were carried out here in Budgam, Ichgam, Bemina and Magam.

While addressing a huge gathering at Bihisht-e-Zehra park, senior Hurriyat leader and President Anjuman Sharie Shian, Aga Syed Hassan Al-Mosvi Al-Safvi said that there is an immediate need of resolving the long pending Kashmir dispute. “I am in favour of dialogue [Between India and Pakistan]. It is the only alternative for achieving a sustainable peace in the South Asia.”

He also prayed for the fruitful dialogue between both the Prime Ministers of nuclear armed countries. Before concluding his speech, Hurriyat leader also raised pro-freedom slogans.

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