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Karbala represents resistance against oppression: Yasin Malik

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Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik today said that the supreme sacrifice of Imam I Hussain (RA) and his family at Karbala is a glorious page of Islamic history that will always remain a source of inspiration for all those who stand against tyranny and oppression.

Addressing a Hussaini Majlis at Kathi Darwaza Srinagar today, Malik said that battle of Karbala marks a distinction between truth and falsehood and makes us to recall that in the continuing struggle between truth and false, the last victory always belongs to the truth.

He said that at desolated desert of Karbala nephew of Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions, despite severe thirst, hunger and tiredness resisted the forces of tyranny and oppression and refused to bow before them.

“This is the main lesson from Karbala that despite all hardships true follower of Imam I Hussain (RA) should never bow before tyrants and should never ever side with those who are oppressing fellow humans,” he said.

“The resistance in Jammu Kashmir is also continuation of Karbala as oppressed people of this land are resisting the forces of tyranny, and oppression from a long time,” said Malik, adding, “It is the duty of every Muslim who loves Hussain (RA) to stay away from elections as the people have resolved and agreed to a slogan and motive that no election till we achieve right to self-determination.”

Meanwhile, JKLF has paid rich tributes to Ajaz Ahmad Dar.

A delegation of JKLF comprising of leaders JKLF vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Secretary General Ghulam Rasool Dar Eidhi and others today visited the graveyard of Ajaz and prayed for his heavenly aboard, a JKLF spokesman said.

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