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Continuous water flow in ‘Dobhi’ canal inundates paddy fields in Tullamula

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Farmers decry apathy of irrigation and flood control department

Ganderbal, September 11:  Farmers of Patherkhah Tulamula are up in arms against authorities for failing to divert water flow of Dobhi irrigation canal.

Farmers here said that at the time of paddy harvesting, we are supposed to keep the paddy fields dry but due to continuous water flow in the canal we are not able to harvest paddy.

Fayaz Ahmad, a local farmer, said, “The irrigation canal should be dry at this time as its water is entering our paddy fields which is causing damage to the crop.”

“Concerned authorities are turning a blind eye towards the issue. They should divert water of the canal to nearby stream,” he added.

A group of farmers said, “If the paddy fields will continue to remain inundated, the crop will be damaged and our yearlong hard work will go in vain.”

They said that the rice crop is hit by rice blast disease. “We have approached concerned authorities to look in to the matter but to no avail.”

The farmers have threatened to protest, if the issue is not solved at an earliest.

When contracted executive engineer irrigation and flood control department Ganderbal he said, “We cannot keep the canal fully dry as its waters is used by PHE, however, I will look in to the matter.”

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