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Three Years on, up-gradation of Shilwat Water supply scheme in limbo

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Sumbal, September 04: Residents of Sheikzoo Shilwat village are up in arms against PHE department for their failure to upgrade water supply scheme Shilwat which was meant to supply water to the said village.

Residents of Sheikzoo said that they are facing immense drinking water shortage because of damaged pipeline which is unable to supply portable water to the village.

They said that PHE had issued tenders to upgrade the pipeline three years ago but no development had been made since then.

“We fetch portable water from other villages which cause us immense hardship,” they added.

Sajad Ahmad a local resident said, “Many of the residents find it difficult to fetch water from  other villages who are left with no option but to use contaminated water of streams which makes them vulnerable to life threatening diseases.

He further said that two years ago Executive Engineer Public Health Engineering (PHE) of the area   promised to upgrade  the scheme but nothing has been done since then.


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