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Weak embankment of Ganderbal Canal a looming danger

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Ganderbal, August 27: The residents of Beehama and Malshia  Bagh are living in tizzy as embankment of Beehama Canal is  weak, which can be disastrous for local inhabitants here.

Local residents of the low laying villages said, “The canal embankment at various spots  is weak.  Water is leaking at number of places which is further weakening the bund.  The concerned department is paying no heed to strengthen  the embankment of the canal.”

Gh Mohudin, a local resident said, “The canal got breached in 2015. Properties of number of the residents were destroyed, however, people somehow saved their lives.”

“Temporary embankment was made at the spot at that time but that is not enough. Incessant rain can blow the temporary embankment which could be disastrous for the area,” he further said.

Sources said the canal supplies water to Rangil water  treatment plant.The treatment plant supplies portable water to Srinagar and breach in the canal could affect water supply to Srinagar and it could lead to portable water  crisis in Srinagar.

When contacted executive Engineer Irrigation and Flood control Ganderbal said,” Currently we don’t carry out work as it is  irrigation season. After irrigation season we will start work to strength weak embankment. If there are any spots which locals feel are weak, they can contact me, I will fix the problem.”

He further added: “There is no need to panic. As of now there is no such threat of any breach in the canal.”

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