Today: Jun 25, 2024

BJP on its last breath in Jammu, says Slathia

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VIJAYPUR AUGUST 12- Former minister and National Conference State Secretary Surjeet Singh Slathia on Sunday termed the BJP as a sinking ship, saying inherent contradictions have brought the party on its last breath in Jammu.

“BJP is witnessing revolt from within with the growing realization about disenchantment of the people in Jammu, who have been betrayed and made to suffer during the nightmarish rule of the party in partnership with the equally opportunistic PDP”, Slathia said while addressing a public meeting at Ramgarh in Vijaypur Assembly Constituency this afternoon.

The former minister said that the BJP cadres are openly questioning about its efficacy and admitting that the people of Jammu got a raw deal under its rule. “This is acknowledgement of the good work of the National Conference led successive governments, which did not only lay a strong edifice of development but also worked towards empowerment and economic emancipation of all the segments of society”, he maintained.

Slathia said that due to inept policies and administrative inexperience of the BJP, Jammu had got trapped in a dark tunnel with seemingly no way-out in sight.

The former minister assailed the BJP for denying basic minimum necessities like power and drinking water to the people of Jammu, especially during summer months expressing hope that the Governor’s administration would look into these aspects. He particularly sought a contingency plan to meet the challenges of the ongoing monsoon based on the experiences of the previous years.

Slathia also accused the BJP of pursuing reactionary politics, which saw polarization with mistrust between various segments of the society growing. “Such a situation is in conflict with glorious ethos of amity and brotherhood of the state, which has withstood test of times during most turbulent times, decades ago and in the recent past,” he maintained.

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