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(The New Determination)

A  TRIBUTE TO Maqbool Malik

(1952-1992) 26th  Martyrdom Anniversary

 By Rao Farman Ali

 The  important  aspect of  Kashmir politics  since  the  so-called  emancipation  in  1947  of the  masses—coined  as  democracy— has  been that— the Kashmiris on either side of the divide  are  indisposed  to  think  and  construct the Kashmir  Centric  Narrative(KCN).

Those  who  assumed  Kashmir  centric assertions  in  the  politics  and resistance  were  either  silenced even purposely  relegated  to the  background or  met  the  vicious  end, the proposals of such like  nature have been deliberately shown the junk- ground. The use of purging operation using known or unknown hands  were either   instigated or  commenced   against  the  people  to repress  the  voice  of  real  resistance, assassination of   senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari is the recent episode.

Of course, the  idea  of  resistance is  not  all  about  resisting  the  corporality of  oppression but is  more  than  that. The political  prospect of Kashmir  underwent  a  radical  change  in the  early  phase  of  1989, although started in 1988,  when  a  strange  genus  of  armed  resistance  was  pioneered and assumed  the means  to  establish  and  undertake the  project  of  ‘Azadi’ [Freedom] with a vista of  success but  such  anticipation  is  yet  to  bear  the  fruits  and offer  the  desired  results. As envisaged,  the  moral  right— to  have  the  opinion  was  abominated with a terrible result of  bedlam  and  misunderstanding, thus the   project of future came  to  a  sudden  halt.

The  assassination  and  elimination of  Maqbool  Malik  is  to  be  seen  in  this  correlation; the  spirit  of  ascendancy ended  in  ignominy  and  exterminated    several  indulgent  leaders  of  the  resistance;  irrespective  who  were  the  connivers  but colossal  damage  is  done. In the mayhem the  top  stalwarts  of  the resistance movement  were  consummated thus    institutionalisation  of ‘confidence-  crisis’ within the Kashmiri  society took place  and  at that time  a  new  tradition  of  pointless  violence  came  to  prominence. Could the inane murder of an innocent child in Kupwara some days back is again a reflection! Even though, may not  be  associated   anyway with the  political dimension  of  Kashmir  but it   is  the  authentication to  the  present  social  situation and  the  social  disorder. However, killings of  Dr. Abdul Ahad Wani,  Molvi Muhammad Farooq, Dr. Abdul Ahad Guru, Dr. Ghulam Qadir Wani,Kh. Abdul Gani Lone, Poet Shabaaz, Dr. Qazi  Nissar, Abdul Rashid Zaingami, Muhammad Yusuf  Padder, Dr. Mehmood  and many more  cannot be put or seen in isolation.

The  leadership across the table  has a function which  is  never  beyond their  ingenuity to  put  an  end to the chaos. The  callousness with  which  the situation  is  going  out  of  control  and  the  areas  are  becoming  unmanageable socially  and  culturally. In the  broader spectrum, it is  the  responsibility  of  India as a regional giant of South Asia to take tangible  measures  to  end  the  violence in Kashmir  by  offering a  serious  and  convincing dialogue  to  end the  demure reticence  of  violence .

On the other hand, the connivance  with  which the pacifist face  of  resistance  was  eliminated; paved  a  way  to   damage the  pious freedom   movement. In 90’s  militants    in  the  array  of freedom  fighters tussled out  the  Resistencia [a policy of one-upmanship  adopted by a particular group] resulting into the sedimentation  of Indian  rule  over  Kashmir and diminished  the  role  of  Pro-Kashmir stance, thus    Kashmiris as of now have turned into  ‘challenged  children’ without the  prospect of  bargain and most of our leaders are politically suffering from apoxia and hypoxia, for that matter, they need immediate attention and care. The present ineffectual Hurriyat  players to advertise and  chip-in to snip  resolution profits reduced  the vibrancy of common people surrounding them. Hurriyats meant to define the resolution of Kashmir to address  the external dimension— seem neither streetwise nor the street- credible—but just a ‘photo- shoot’. Equally, Pro-India or Pro-Pakistan political parties in Kashmir [on either side of Jammu and Kashmir] who were or are in power have largely failed at governance fronts and to address the deliverables associated with the internal dimension of the issue. In a situation, when Indian Forces[IFs] stationed in Kashmir  have been emboldened by what they [Indian security forces] call holy law[AFSPA] has kept IFs trigger happy.

Resistance is always divine, romantic, logical, analytic, organised, planned, fact-based, and beautiful, while as occupation is ugly, ruthless and terribly lacks the very facets of resistance. However, if the traits of occupation are found in resistance then it is an  anarchy  but if the traits of  resistance are found in occupation then it is a process. Essentially, the relationship between oppressor and oppressed, wherein oppressor emerges as a dominant factor is not the solution but the utter confusion.

Let’s rethink through the dimensions of honest and holistic approaches of retrospective, introspective, prospective and proactive maxims  and Hurriyat leadership  guide  us  in  this  regard and  teach  us  to  fight  for  our  own  pie in  relation to  Kashmir resolution and give order  to  present  disorder .

It is very easy to talk of resilience but we have to train our children and youth about the ‘coping- mechanism’ in the stressful situations. However, mothers of Kashmir have a great role to play and to teach the sons and daughters, the skills of ‘adaptive-behaviours’, which they have done in past and will continue to do successfully.

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