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Artist in Making- Mir Hudiba

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Having begun her drawings at a very young age, Mir Hudiba would make sketches of dresses and matching accessories and think that one day she will be a fashion designer. She was being appreciated as well as motivated by one of her friend back at school who would guide her in drawing figures, faces, geometric shapes when they both were 14.

“After high school I almost stopped drawing as I got no support but during the 2016 unrest I resumed drawing once again after a period of 5 years,” an enthusiastic budding artist Hudiba said adding that the passion has found even more stronger resonance with her now than before.

“I would draw portraits of my family and friends. Then a few friends made me familiar with some verses of the Qur’an and some hadees about the punishments that would be given to the picture makers as it is a grave sin. So now I try my best not to draw the living. Not a really interesting and motivating story but this is how it is,” an honest Hudiba said adding that there was tremendous scope for art and that art was a great way of communicating and expressing oneself.


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