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Churmujra PHC in Beerwah lacks basic facilities

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BMO says single doctor sufficient for PHC

Churmujra (Budgam), July 25: Though the government has provided sound infrastructure for Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Churmujra village of sub-district Beerwah but it seems to have forgotten to provide other basic facilities.

Around 24 Kms from Budgam Township and 8 kms from Beerwah, Churmujra PHC caters to the people of Danas, Hokhlatri, Dansura, Chakpora, Bagandar, Ramhuma, Kulhuma, Atina, Sikhpora and other villages.

The people of aforementioned villages told ‘Kashmir Images’ that in rare cases doctors could be seen present at PHC and this health centre lacks all the basic facilities.

In order to get first hand information, this reporter visited Churmujra PHC where only one doctor (AYUSH) was present, whereas the two other doctors, MBBS and dentist, were absent from duty.

The AYUSH practitioner who as per the Supreme Court judgment cannot prescribe allopathic medicine was seen doing the same. When questioned why he was doing so, he said, “I prescribe allopathic drugs only when there are emergencies.”

When this reporter enquired about the absence of other doctors, the hospital staff unanimously said, “MBBS doctor comes here only for two days in a week, while as the dentist is on leave for today.” However, later it came to fore that absent dentist had not put any leave and he was absent.

Also, in absence of a laboratory not a single test can be conducted at the PHC. A patient, Shabnum told ‘Kashmir Images’ that patients have to visit either Budgam or Beerwah for undergoing minor tests.

Further, the PHC lacks dental unit where tooth related disorders can be treated. Medical sources said that neither tooth filling nor tooth extraction is possible at PHC. They added that most of the patients are being referred to other hospitals.

Notably, Churmujra PHC has no electricity and water facility. The staff members informed ‘Kashmir Images’ that they have to take water from nearby stream for washroom as taps are dry.

Further, PHC also lacks ambulance service. In emergency situations, people take patients either on shoulders or have to wait for hours to arrange a vehicle.

When contacted Block Medical Officer Beerwah, Bashir Khan, he disconnected the phone after failing to answer the questions with regard to the problems at PHC.

When contacted again, Khan shifted blame on Deputy Commissioner (DC) Budgam and Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

About non-attendance of doctors, Khan said, “We have posted three doctors at PHC. MBBS doctor remains present for 24 hours and AYUSH practitioner is also available round the clock.”

About lack of electricity and water facility, he said, “We have forwarded the query to DC. Now, it’s in the hands of DC and CMO to ensure availability of the same.”

Khan went on to say, “Churmujra PHC only caters to 800 patients. We have posted three doctors at PHC unnecessarily. Only a BUMS is required there.”

However, PHC staff and villagers rebutted BMO saying that PHC only remains open for few hours and caters to around 4000 people.

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