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Budding artist- Iram Malik      

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Srinagar: Her art not only describes her inner being but also highlights her perspective of seeing the world. Iram Malik a young budding artist of Kashmir likes to speak through her artwork. Her sensitivity regarding gender inequality and patriarchy are quite evident from her work.

“Like any other girl, I too have witnessed how we women are treated in our society. The grave injustice that keeps happening in our society compels to draw me. I always want to speak about the things that keep bothering me. The best way to do that is to highlight that through my art,” says Iram who is doing bachelors in Fine Arts in Kashmir University.

Iram is more inclined to abstract art. Her artwork gives a distorted picture of things which as per her is what she sees the world as. “In today’s world, nothing makes sense. Injustice, discrimination, violence has become routine of this world. I feel our generation has grown up by seeing all this and that is what my art depicts somehow,” Iram says.

Iram wants to make a name is the world of art. She apart from being very consistent in her work she continuously pushes her limits. “We have very limited resources here in this field but if one is determined to do something things can happen. Each day I set a new challenge for myself by trying to draw more complex and detailed work,” she adds.

Talking about the difficulties in this field she says the art field is already not vibrant in Kashmir and being a female artist adds more challenges to it. “You not only have to fight to make a space in the world of art but also the patriarchy”.

Iram keeps exhibiting her work whenever there is such opportunity and apart from this her work has also been published locally and nationally too.



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