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Quds Day: Largest procession taken out in Budgam

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Living the legacy of Imam Khomeini

Budgam: While expressing solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, tens of thousands of people on Friday participated in the Quds Day demonstrations here in the township.

After Friday congregational prayers, people carried out a massive protest rally from central Imam Bargah. It was later joined by thousands others. Both Shias and Sunnis were seen in the rally.

Protesters were carrying banners and placards that read, “Palestine need more hands to help them; to pray for them, pray for the children of Gaza, down with Israel and US, stop innocent killings in Kashmir, independent Kashmir the only solution etc.”

Demonstrators marched from Imam Bargah to main chowk and vice versa. Women also took active part in the rally. “Quds Day is not only a day of Palestine, it is the day of every oppressed,” a group of female protesters said.

Budgam rally was organised by Anjuman Sharie Shian (ASS), a largest socio-politico-religious organizations of Shias in Jammu and Kashmir.

While addressing the gathering, president ASS, Aga Syed Hassan Al Safvi said, “We are observing this day to lend our support to oppressed Palestinians and Kashmiris.”

He also requested Muslim nations to shun differences and initiate steps for the freedom of Palestine and Kashmir.

A protester, Irfan Ali said, “Quds Day symbolises the valour, resistance, revolution and voice of the oppressed nations of world. It infuses a strong breath into the dried jugular veins of oppressed people of world.”

Young demonstrator, Aijaz Hussain added that it is their religious obligation to participate in Quds rally. “We are here to show to the world that our hearts beat for every oppressed particularly Palestinians,” he said.

Protesters were donning T-shirts carrying different messages related to Palestine and Kashmir. Many protesters were holding portraits of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei.

It is pertinent to mention that on the call of Imam Khomeini (ra), the leader of Islamic revolution, Quds Day is being annually observed on the last Friday of Ramazan. He had declared this day as the day of the oppressed. Marchers in Budgam vowed that they will keep observing this day till the liberation of Palestine.

Demos were also held in Magam, Bemina, Parisabad, Sonapah and other areas.

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