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Jamia Madinatul Aloom faces shortage of teachers

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Bhat says issue being resolved soon

Srinagar, June 5: Three years on, the Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Wakf Board (JKMWB) has allegedly failed to fill the vacant posts of teachers at one of its educational institution, Jamia Madinatul Aloom, Hazratbal resulting in huge academic losses to the students.

The institution has been providing both religious and worldly education to almost 60 students belonging to far off places.

The worldly education starts from 9th standard upto graduation.  In religious education, a student attains the degree of Moulvi and Fazil. However, the lack of teachers has put an adverse affect on the education of the student.

The students alleged that only five teachers manage both worldly and religious education while many subjects remain untaught as the authorities despite repeated assurances have so far failed to make any headway in this direction.

“We apprised WAKF authorities about the issues several times but despite assurances, nothing was done,” added the students.

Besides shortage of teachers, the institution lacks computer lab and a library, said the students.

When contacted Chairman Wakf Board, Nizam-ud-Dib Bhat told ‘Kashmir Images’ that most of the issues that students were facing in the aftermath of gutting of the school building were resolved while pending issues like appointment of mathematics teacher will be addressed at the earliest.

He said six computers were dispatched to the school today besides a well equipped library will be made functional for students.

“The only issue we face as of now is appointment of mathematics teacher in the school. We are looking for some academic arrangements, rest our efforts are on,” Wakf Chairman added.

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