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Hashim Qureshi condemns use of force against Gilgit people

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Srinagar, May 29: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party (DLP) Chairman Hashim Qureshi has condemned the use of brute force on the people of Gilgat and Baltistan saying the area is integral part of Jammu and Kashmir whose landscape can’t be altered by Pakistan.

In a statement issued here, terming the Order Number 2018 as illegal and threatening, Hashim Qureshi said that it seems a British Viceroy is ruling in Gilgat Baltistan and treating it as his colony.

Hashim Qureshi lauded the role of Gilgat Baltistan legislator Nawaz Khan Naji for tearing apart the order number 2018 in front of Pakistan Prime Minister.

“The order number 2018 will pave the way for the residents of Pakistan to buy property and seek jobs in Gilgat Baltistan. It will prove disastrous for the local population. The way Pakistan government is suppressing and oppressing the people of Gilgat Baltistan is highly condemnable. The Pakistan motive to annex Gilgat Baltistan is unacceptable and will be challenged at every front,” Hashim Qureshi said and appealed separatist leadership and mainstream parties of Kashmir to take serious note of the development.

He appealed that state subject status of Gilgat Baltistan should be restored and all political prisoners including Baba Jan be released from jails.

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