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Ganderbal town sans waste bins, Garbage containers

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Photo: Idrees Ali

Ganderbal: Due to the lack of waste bins and garbage containers in the Ganderbal town, a lot of waste tends to remain uncollected and littered all across the town.

Fayaz Ahmad Dar, a resident of Ganderbal town told Kashmir Images that there are no waste bins installed at public places like sumo stands, bus stops, shopping complexes and public parks.

“In absence of waste bins in the town the people have no option but to dispose the waste in the open,” said Fayaz.

The local residents present near the sumo stand said that the rubbish is spread all over the sumo stand and held the Municipal Council Ganderbal responsible for it.

“Municipal Council Ganderbal are giving us a small number of waste bins on rental basis and the same are inadequate for collecting the waste material that gets accumulated in a single day,” said a local resident.

“In order to ensure proper waste-management the administration should install permanent waste bins at different public places of Ganderbal town,” he added

The residents of Ganderbal town alleged that the garbage is not being lifted on regular basis near Beehama area of the town. They said that heaps of garbage is lying open near Beehama and the foul smell from this garbage site is irking the pedestrians and commuters.

“The accumulation of garbage on the roadside is attracting dogs  which scars the locals to pass by it,” said a local resident Bilal Ahmad.

”Dogs sometime jump on vehicles which anytime can lead to a major accident and the problem can be solved only if the Municipal Council will lift the garbage on regular basis,” he added.

When contacted Executive Office Municipal Committee Ganderbal,Wali Mohammed Mohammed he told Kashmir Images that they have brought some waste bins and more of them will be ordered very soon.

“The waste bins will be permanently installed at public places and we are also going to install large containers for garbage at various places in the town,” said Wali Mohammad.

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