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Erring traders fined Rs 160 K

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BUDGAM, MARCH 15: District Administration Budgam have realized a fine of Rs 1.6 lakh from various shopkeepers, wholesale dealers, distributors and manufacturers for selling adulterated, sub-standard and misbranded food items in different markets across the district, against the Food Safety and Standard Act-2006 (FSSA).

ADC Budgam Mohammad Farooq Dar said that the fine of Rs 1.6 lakh has been realized from the erring businessmen during last nine months after the food item samples collected from the market were found in contravention of the FSSA-2006.

He said the samples include tea, sweets, suji, milk, bakery, spices and other food products, which were collected from the different markets by the food safety officers.

Taking immediate action against the erring shopkeepers, fine was imposed against each shopkeeper and manufacturer for failing to live up to the food safety standards and selling food items in breach of FSS Act-2006.

The penalties on the erring businessmen were imposed by Additional Deputy Commissioner, Budgam Mohammad Farooq Dar as Adjudicating Officer of FSSA Budgam under section 51/52 of FSS Act-2006.

Meanwhile, Adjudicating Officer directed FSS officers to conduct regular checkups and continue collection of samples from the markets for lab testing to ensure that no sub-standard or adulterated food items are being sold anywhere in the market at the risk of the life of consumers.

Besides, Adjudicating Officer also said that no shopkeeper or manufacturer would be allowed to indulge in such illegal practices, selling food products harmful for the human consumption.

He said that action would be taken against the shopkeeper for failing to maintain hygienic sale of food items.

Authorities further imposed a penalty of suspension of license as recovery of the amount as arrears of land revenue as per Section-96 of the Act on the erring shopkeeper incase he fails to deposit the penalty amount within the specified time. Besides, the accused is also directed not to repeat the practice of selling misbranded food items and comply the provision the provision of FSSA-2006.

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