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By: CHOPAN JAVID Kashmir which has always remained second name of paradise, the splendid Mughal gardens around Srinagar resplendent with chinar trees and fountains, winter harboring sites to migratory birds like Hokersar;
6 years ago

Governor’s role

ON Aug 5, 1983, the chief minister of Karnataka Ramakrishna Hegde inaugurated a seminar on centre-state relations at Bangalore at which he fired the first salvo in a campaign which he continued
6 years ago

This is not about Jinnah

Seventy years is a long time in a nation’s history. You would think it is enough to heal the wounds of an unforgiving past. In Europe, which witnessed the bloodiest war
6 years ago

Will the real ‘ladla’ please stand up?

By: Asha’ar Rehman IT hasn’t been long since the day when Mian Nawaz Sharif declared that he was ideological — meaning that he steadfastly followed an ideology. Decoded, the message read that
6 years ago

The Day ‘Kashmiriyat’ Died

A tourist from Chennai being killed by a rock hurled at him by a Kashmiri is something that should have never happened but unfortunately it did. However, those who claim being surprised
6 years ago

Reviving ‘Neighbourhood First’

By: Rakesh Sood Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s critics acknowledge his uncanny ability to take bold decisions and this reflects in his foreign policy initiatives. Interestingly, he is also demonstrating an
6 years ago

Another ‘unrest’ in the making in J&K?

By: Rayees Masroor The signs are all there- a spurt in violence, separatists uniting to call for protests and shutdowns, large number of civilians attending funerals of slain militants and protestors gathering
6 years ago

Heroes & villains of old

By: Pratap Bhanu Mehta Partition was a traumatic event. It created two entities aspiring to be nation states out of a complex civilisation. Partition still drives the mutual insecurities of both
6 years ago
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