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Peace gets a chance

BY: Firdous Tak As a citizen of the trouble-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir, I am finally at peace. I have felt the pain of every mother who lost a child and
6 years ago

Haspel’s record

BY: Brian Tashman Gina Haspel, President Trump’s nominee to head the CIA, drafted the cable ordering the tapes’ destruction and lobbied for them to be shredded. She claims, however, that she did
6 years ago

Carnage in Gaza

By: Zahid Hussain IT was the massacre of unarmed Palestinians, and not the celebrations of the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, that stood out this week. Over 60 Palestinians have
6 years ago

Democracy: left, right and centre

By: Amir Hussain I have always cherished the discussions that my classmates and I had during our university days on politics being an art of statecraft. The idealism of our student days
6 years ago

Of symbols and the symbolised

By: Keki N. Daruwalla We all know that a symbol is much larger than the object from which it emanates. There can be no comparison between a stone and the symbol it
6 years ago

Ramzan ceasefire: Give Kashmir a break

By: Javaid Trali   Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s recent statement on Kashmir – “the army’s position is, it has to be firm on terrorism” – shows how the minister and other politicians feel
6 years ago

The first bullet

By: Zaigham Khan We have lost two prime ministers and quite a few political leaders to assassins’ bombs and bullets. The bullet that hit Ahsan Iqbal was a different kind of projectile,
6 years ago
Security forces stand

India is failing the test on J-K

Mr Ram Madhav is the pointsman of the RSS and the BJP-led Central government for India’s foreign relations and Jammu & Kashmir. (Is there an irony in that?) On the government’s J&K
6 years ago

The confusion ahead

THERE’S little sympathy for the chap except for this: he’s getting it in the neck from all sides because there’s another chap who folk dare not say anything against and one
6 years ago
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