Today: Jun 19, 2024

Stray dog attack in Tangmarg leaves three sheep dead & nearly 100 injured

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Tangmarg: In a startling incident, a herd of sheep was attacked by a large pack of stray dogs in the village of Ogmuna Kawarhama, resulting in the death of three sheep and injuries to nearly a hundred others.

The attack took place at midnight, causing significant distress among local villagers.

According to reports, stray dogs have become a growing menace in the Devpora-Dardpora area over the past week, causing widespread fear among the residents. The presence of these stray dogs has led to a lockdown of sorts, with school-going children being kept indoors for their safety.

The incident occurred on Saturday when two brothers, Ghulam Hassan Najar and Bashir Ahmad Najar, were taking their sheep to graze. They were suddenly besieged by dozens of stray dogs, resulting in severe injuries to many of their sheep. The local community quickly reported the attack to the authorities.

Sub-District Magistrate Gulmarg, upon being informed of the incident, directed the Tehsildar of Kawarhama to conduct a thorough investigation and provide a detailed report on the damage.

The residents are now urging for immediate action to control the stray dog population and prevent further such attacks.