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An appeal to  Dr. Shahid iqbal choudhary

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Worthy Secretary to Govt, 

Department of Rural Development & PR (J&K)

Dear Sir, 

This is on behalf of CIC Operators & our families to alleviate our suffering, pain and hardships. Your assumption of the role of Secretary to the Government in the Department of Rural Development & PR (J&K) brings renewed optimism to CIC Operators. We earnestly implore you to address, on merit and humanitarian principles, our prolonged concerns regarding regularization and salary enhancement. Your intervention in this matter will provide a much-needed respite from the mental anguish we have endured from last 2 decades.

Facts and Merits of our Plea / Entreaty:

In 2004, CIC Operators were recruited in the Rural Development Department through a transparent and proper recruitment process overseen by Deputy Commissioners. The selection, based on merit and the recruitment process being widely publicized.

All CIC Operators, possessing advanced qualifications such as MCA, MSc, and BE/B.Tech degrees, have dedicatedly served for the past two decades, receiving a modest monthly salary of Rs 10,000 PM.

In 2014, the J&K Cabinet made a landmark decision to regularize CIC Operators, recognizing their invaluable contributions and ensuring a brighter future for these dedicated professionals.

In 2016, the Rural Development Department took a substantial step by creating 172 Data Entry Operator positions through a Government order, aligning with cabinet directives to regularize the services of CIC Operators under SRO-255, emphasizing the importance of our contributions.

In the years 2016 and 2017, the Finance Department’s high-level Empowered Committee, during its 58th and 60th meetings, respectively, approved the regularization of all CIC Operators under SRO-255.

The Finance Department, recognizing the essential role of 172 CIC Operators, has provided the requisite recommendations for the issuance of regularization orders under SRO 255 to the Rural Development Department.

The Advocate General of UT J&K and the Department of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs UT J&K provided affirmative legal opinion in support of the CIC Operators.

Enduring the challenges of sky-high inflation, CIC operators persist with a meager monthly salary of Rs 10,000 (Rs 333 per day) over the last two decades. Despite numerous pleas to the Government for a salary hike, our dedication remains unacknowledged.


CIC Operators of Rural Development Department & PR (J&K, UT)

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