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Public Grievances Redressal Prog by DGP postponed to Dec 11th

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Jammu: In a recent development, the public grievances redressal programme organized by the Director General of Police (DGP) Jammu and Kashmir, originally slated for December 9, 2023, has been rescheduled.

The event, initially set to take place at the Police Headquarters in Jammu this Saturday, will now be held on December 11, 2023, a Monday. The venue remains unchanged, and the programme is scheduled to run between 2 PM to 4 PM.

This decision to postpone the event was made with the aim of ensuring maximum participation from the public, as Mondays are generally considered more convenient for individuals to attend such gatherings. The DGP J&K has expressed his commitment to providing an effective platform for citizens to voice their concerns and seek resolutions to their grievances.

The redressal programme serves as an essential avenue for fostering communication between law enforcement and the community, promoting transparency, and addressing concerns related to public safety and security. The rescheduling aims to facilitate broader engagement and inclusivity in the grievance redressal process.

Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to interact with the police leadership, contributing to the ongoing efforts to enhance the effectiveness of public services and strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the community.

The DGP J&K and the entire police department express their regret for any inconvenience caused by the change in schedule and look forward to a constructive and collaborative engagement on December 11, 2023.

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