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Orphanage refutes reports about missing children

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Srinagar: Refuting the reports that 18 children of Al-Miskeen Yateem Trust are missing, the Trust Friday said all the children are safe and that they have shifted to another location on the directions of Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

The Trust also said that it has proper registration while the file for CWC registration is pending for unknown reasons.

Earlier in the day, CWC Srinagar chairperson Dr Khair-un Nisa had told the media that Al-Miskeen Yateem Trust at Nundresh Colony, Bemina, was unregistered and 18 children of the Trust had gone missing.

The news spread like wildfire in Srinagar forcing the Trust chief to come up with a clarification.

News agency KNO quoted Chairman Al-Miskeen Yateem Trust, Abid Ali Sheikh, as saying that they have shifted to Sector 5, Hamdaniya Colony Bemina on the directions of CWC.

“All 18 children (who were alleged to have gone missing) are safe. Ten of them have gone to their homes, seven are with us and one is a local who goes to his home on a daily basis. There is no question of any child being missing. The only thing is that we have shifted to Hamdaniya Colony from Nundresh Colony,” he said, adding that there was a miscommunication due to shifting.

Sheikh said that the Trust has proper society registration and the file for CWC registration is pending for unknown reasons.

Earlier in the day, CWC chairperson Dr Khair-un-Nisa visited Nundreshi Colony and told the media that the Trust was given enough time to come up with the registration but it failed. She also said that 18 children admitted in the Trust were missing and the trust was running illegally.

Following this, SDM Srinagar, who was present at the spot, had sealed the Trust at Nundreshi Colony, Srinagar. (With inputs from KNO)

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