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Dal Pari launched to ensure healthcare of Dal dwellers, tourists

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Srinagar: To ensure best health care of Dal Lake dwellers and tourists staying in the houseboats, the administration today launched a water ambulance “Dal Pari” on the waters of the Lake.

The Boat Mobile Medical Unit, known as “Dal Pari” or the “Fairy of Dal” is expected to play a vital role in responding to medical emergencies within the famed Dal Lake in Srinagar.

Thousands of people live on the waters of Dal Lake who own houseboats and much more tourists stay in these houseboats. However, despite serene and idyllic appearance of the Lake, these dwellers and tourists staying there often face difficulties when it comes to timely medical assistance.

With the launch of water ambulance, the administration has made a serious attempt to address to the health issues of these dwellers and the initiative has been appreciated by all the Dal dwellers.

“Dal Pari” is fully equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies, including basic first aid, wound dressing, administering medications and stabilizing patients before transferring them to the main hospital if necessary.

In addition to addressing urgent medical needs, the medical staff on board is offering health education and preventive services.

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