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Police fights enemy that gets support from outside, and strengthens itself internally: Special DGP

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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Police is a unique force that fights an enemy which receives support from outside and strengthens itself internally, the Special Director General of Police R R Swain said on Monday. 

The special DGP also referred to Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of non-violence, and said that a state of non-violence can be “achieved only by protecting the non-violent people from the violent”.

“Jammu and Kashmir Police is a force that is unique because it is taking on an enemy who is very organised, is getting strength from outside and tries to strengthen itself internally. The J&K Police are fighting this enemy with the support of, and for, the people,” Swain told reporters at the end of a marathon race organised by the police on the banks of Dal Lake here.

Undertaking such a fight, Swain said, takes a lot of courage since the fight “is against few people from within”.

“It needs a lot of courage which the other forces do not have to face. The other forces have skills, experiences and knowledge but there are many differences between our difficulties and their difficulties. The biggest effort of our fight is to reduce the fear in the people.

“So, despite the difficulty, the police carry on the fight silently… keeping in mind the section of the society which are not heard – be it a poor shopkeeper, a low ranking government employee, a lawyer or a journalist,” he added.

Swain said the J&K Police will stand by all those who want to earn an honest livelihood by abiding by laws.

“This is our message on Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhi was for non-violence but that state of non-violence can be achieved only by protecting the non-violent people from the violent,” he said.

“So we would like to make a distinction between those who are wedded to violence because of ulterior motives, those are the ones we are fighting. And this fight is for the people,” he added.

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