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The ever changing world of Sports

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By: Sahil Manzoor

We have, all along been taught that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and that sports are as important for us as education. It is true and what has changed over the years is the fact that sports not only help in bettering physical and mental makeup of those who take part in such activities but there is a great commercial edge to it as well.

Sports have evolved not just as a great source of health benefiting activities but also as a commercial venture and if one does well in any given sports, he/she might earn much better than nearly all fields of life. What bureaucrats and the top most technocrats, engineers and doctors earn in a year could easily be earned by a prominent sports person in a day- such is the changed scenario of sports in our part of the world.

Being involved in sports activities can reduce a number of health-related issues. Sports keep your fitness at its best andwhen we are not physically fit, it means we have to be ready for several problems.

In our country, there are a few games that are very popular among the people, and most of them are likely to take part in them in some form. Cricket is one of the prominent sports in India and it is very pleasing that India has the richest cricket board in the world. The BCCI has a worth of RS 18 thousand crores.

The BCCI holds the IPL (Indian Premier League) across the world, with top-class cricket players taking part in the mega event. There are about ten teams that participate in the Mega League every year.

Promoting sports activities has a clear and fair message for the people of the country: participate, stay healthy and also earn by that way. It’s very impressive that the government administration is taking interest in sports activities and is focused on promoting sports infrastructure. Sports stadiums are constructed at every panchayat level and are laced with adequate infrastructure

Every year, a good number of players from different sports are selected at the national and international level. In Kashmir, a number of leagues are being held by the sports departments and other agencies and this has helped produce great sports personalities here as well.

Sports activities are quite interesting and have great benefits for us as these keep us healthy and happy, strengthen our body parts, and keep our mind fresh and stress-free. Sports activities are the best alternative against drug addiction among the youth of the country.

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