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CEO Sgr advises imparting quality education,maintaining ethics in Srinagar schools

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SRINAGAR: The Chief Education Officer (CEO) of Srinagar, Mohammad Shabir Khatana, has advised teachers, officers, and other officials of the Srinagar district for increasing efficiency and doing smart work so that quality education could be imparted to all the students reading in different schools here.

In a communiqué issued here in this regard, the CEO advised the concerned that they must know the importance of their profession/cadre or work for the department or for the society and must be sufficient experts in proper thinking and decision making.

He said they must have full knowledge of their ability, capability, and capacity and equal knowledge to use all these factors for performing the legitimate duties in the most efficient and excellent manner.

The CEO said that they must have full knowledge of their weak areas and equal knowledge to improve all such weaknesses. Besides, they must be experts to plan work/duties in an efficient manner and become equal experts to implement the planning.

He advised them to be continuous learners and try to learn new methods, techniques and innovative skills, and ideas required for performing duties in an excellent manner.

The CEO said that they must have the ability to seek the cooperation of juniors and equal ability to cooperate with seniors and superiors, be an epitome of patience and tolerance, and motivate juniors for doing smart work or for performing some duties up to the satisfaction.

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