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A rare ‘deep neck’ tumour removed from patient at GMC Anantnag

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Anantnag: Doctors at the Government Medical College, Anantnag, performed a rare surgery on a patient, who was diagnosed with the parapharyngeal tumour.

Parapharyngeal space is deep space or compartment of neck and head.

Quoting a doctor who was part of the team, news agency KNO reported that the rare surgery was performed at GMC Anantnag as a 29-year-old patient was diagnosed with the rare disease.

He said the patient was operated in the department of ENT-HNS of GMC Anantnag by a team of doctors led by Dr Amir Yousuf.

“The case was evaluated and CT tumour mapping was done with able guidance of senior radiologists Dr Owais H Dar and Dr Saika Shafi and with a team of anaesthesiologists led by Dr Anjum Shamin.”

He said a 5 cm tumour was removed via trans-cervical approach with less than 10 ml blood loss and the patient is doing well in the post-operative period.

Senior consultant Dr Owais H Dar said that para pharyngeal tumours are rare, difficult to diagnose and surgical approach is challenging in view of major vessels and nerves around the region of interest.

He said that para pharyngeal tumours account for approximately 0.5 percent of all head and neck tumours.

He also said that the ENT department under the leadership of Prof Dr Sajad M Qazi is performing advanced ENT-HNS surgeries routinely now.

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