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JKPCC organizes “Hatha se Hath Jodo” yatra in Thathri 

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Treachery and deceit of BJP haunting people of J&K: Wani, Bhalla

Thathri (Doda): JKPCC Chief Vikar Rasool Wani and JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla today led the “Hatha se Hath Jodo” yatra in Thathri to highlight the various issues of public concern, especially to oppose property tax, price rise, unemployment and other problems faced by people. 

Speaking on the occasion, Wani said that the BJP regime has destroyed Jammu and Kashmir in various spheres, as it lost its identity, status, right over jobs, lands, opportunities of trade and transport, and business besides whatsoever selections and recruitment were done in the UT, witnessed corruption and scams. He said that people have been exploited in the name of a bright future, control prices, and two crore jobs annually. “But all their promises have fallen flat, except politics of hate and division,” he said. 

He said that Jammu and Kashmir was a historical state with much better living conditions than most states in the country, but now it has been pushed into an atmosphere of political uncertainty. He asserted that Congress is the only viable alternative to the divisive policies of BJP, which has vitiated the political, social, secular, and democratic atmosphere in the country and Jammu and Kashmir. “The ruling Government at the Centre has attained expertise in making big claims but on the ground, its performance is dismal with people suffering on all counts as civic edifice, healthcare, education, employment, tourism, and businesses are all passing through an abysmal phase.”

Wani said that the people of the country have made a big mistake by voting to power the BJP and the need of the time is to root it out as soon as possible and install Congress Government to ensure good governance in the country. He said that BJP cannot offer anything except big hollow promises like bringing back black money, eradicating corruption, teaching a lesson to China and Pakistan, etc.

“Slamming BJP for putting Jammu and Kashmir’s interests and development “subservient to the pleasure of its vested interests,” Wani, said, “The treachery and deceit of the BJP is haunting the people of Jammu who reposed their unflinching faith and support to it with the hope that Jammu may perhaps get a better deal as, during the days of its wilderness in the opposition, BJP leaders were crying hoarse over discrimination and neglect.”

He accused the BJP of reversing some of the prestigious projects launched during the tenure of the Congress government for the Jammu region. “Not only on the front of development but equally in terms of instilling a sense of confidence among people, the BJP has miserably failed,” Wani said.

Working president J&K PCC Raman Bhalla said that the people of J&K are fed-up with a series of lies and false promises made by the BJP leadership in the Union Territory. He asserted that the people of the country are struggling with rising inflation and the youth are finding it difficult to get jobs. “The Prime Minister is not even talking about the problems being faced by farmers and workers,” he added.

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