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Tribute to late Jabeena Akhtar, an international athlete from Treran Tangmarg

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By Advocate Muzamil Jan

Being a sisterly figure, a friend & then a close relative, whenever you visited my office, you visited with some public issue, some issue related to an orphan, some widow, or some other underprivileged. You would always wear a smiling face, just to spread smiles & joy that contained the miseries all around. You were a blossom, a heavenly angel, who although lived a very short life but unconditionally beautified the surroundings & impacted lives forever. 

Indeed you lived hundreds of years within a few years. Without complaining about anything in the system, you just kept on doing your bit, without any regard for publicity or worldly reward, you just pushed the limits of goodness to another level. On your instructions, l drafted “Ashayana Trust” which later, on your desire we got registered with an objective to serve the target segment of society & you were the Patron & Chairperson of the Trust. 

Through your sincere efforts, hundreds of lives got touched & changed. You were manifestly upright in character, deeply intelligent & truly kind-hearted. On meeting you last time, as ever I found you highly motivated, confident & hopeful of defeating these tough health challenges. Like a true warrior, you refused to die until you actually died, off-course death is a bitter reality but the way you left us was never expected of you & this is surely going to hurt us for the rest of our lives, though still, we are not able to come in terms with your demise but your good deeds will keep on inspiring us all the way.

Rest in peace, my Sister!

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