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Shameema Firdous joins K. Kavitha led day-long protest in Delhi demanding women’s reservation bill

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New Delhi: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Women’s Wing President Shameema Firdous joined the K. Kavitha led one day-long hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Friday to press the Union Government to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill.

The hunger strike was organized by NGO Bharat Jagriti run by K. Kavitha. The protest had the presence of women’s organizations, representation from all 29 States, and political parties that are strong votaries of ending gender disparity.

From the J&K National Conference, State Women’s Wing President Shameema Firdous participated in the day-long protest.

Addressing the gathering, she reminded the BJP of its manifesto promise on the passage of a women’s reservation bill in the Parliament. “They must now act upon it and bring the women’s reservation bill in this parliament session or the next one. It will be a giant leap toward building a more inclusive space for women in politics. As far as NC is concerned, we have been at the forefront of ensuring women’s participation in politics. NC has long ago recognized women’s voices and involved them in decision-making at all levels. There are a lot more women leaders in our party now. We need women’s touch to political decisions to have resultant policies more attuned to the needs of our daughter. Our party leadership has been very vocal about ending gender parity in politics and other spheres,” said Shameema.

“We hope the government will table the reservation bill in the parliament. How can India grow if half of its population is kept outside? How can a scooter run with one tire? Both men and women need equal representation. The idea of inclusive development is impossible if half of our population is left unattended,” she said.

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