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Wildlife authorities sound alert over entry of wild animals into human habitations 

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Ask people to follow SOPs to avoid human-animal conflicts

Srinagar: Amid increased incidence of wild animals being sighted in or near the human habitations, Department of Wildlife Protection has sounded an alert, urging people living close to the forest or grazing areas to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so as to avoid human-animal conflicts.

The advisory comes days after a leopard was reportedly spotted by the locals in city suburbs, following which authorities have constituted teams to capture the wild beast. 

Wildlife department in its over two-minute-long video advisory has said that the human-animal conflict could be easily prevented if people take SOPs seriously and follow them dutifully.   

“If people follow dos and don’ts, there will be less conflict between humans and leopards. Don’t let kids play alone outside, put the lights on around your house at night, and do not litter around your houses as dogs feed on garbage and their numbers increase day by day,” says the advisory posted by Wildlife Warden, Rashid Naqash on his Facebook page. It said littering invites leopards towards human habitations.

The department in its advisory asked people not to plant grass around their homes while ‘defecation’ in the open has been strictly prohibited.

“It’s highly recommended to keep an eye on abandoned structures with fencing around and make sure there is no grass or hedge growth or any temporary shed erected inside; keep such places neat and clean. Don’t roam around a dense forest alone and keep a close vigil on cattle and pet animals and keep them in protected and concrete sheds,” the advisory said.

The department has asked people to leave cattle or any pet animal attacked and killed by leopards ‘unattended’ to avoid further losses. 

“Don’t chase away or attack leopards, instead inform Wildlife Protection immediately, let’s follow the SOPs and save life and property,” it said.    

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