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Apni Party will lead J&K’s youth towards a peaceful and prosperous future: GH Mir

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Addresses workers’ convention in Ganderbal

Srinagar: Apni Party’s Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir has said that, unlike the traditional political parties, Apni Party will lead J&K’s youth towards a peaceful and prosperous future rather than pushing them to a situation where they could fall prey to the bullets, or land into the jails and graveyards. He was addressing a party workers’ convention in Ganderbal.

According to a press release issued here, Ghulam Hassan Mir emphasized on peace saying that only a peaceful atmosphere in J&K could pave a way for the prosperity and development of this land, where people have been grappling with miseries and bloodshed caused by the protracted conflict and turmoil over the years.

“For sustained prosperity and development on this land we require a peaceful atmosphere here, and for that, we must shun the deceptive politics, emotional slogans, and misleading political narrative that have been pushing our youth either in jails or in the graveyards over the past more than three decades,” he said.

Talking about the Ganderbal region, Mir said, “This place has always been politically significant as several chief ministerial candidates have made their electoral victory from this constituency. But, unfortunately, every time after winning the elections here these traditional politicians have been ignoring this region in terms of developmental works.”

Taking a dig at the traditional political parties and their leaders, Mir reminded people that these politicians have always been deceptive to the people. He said, “Do you remember that once upon a time these traditional politicians misled you on the name of the so-called plebiscite movement for more than two decades? And, finally, they turned away from this so-called movement to attain power for themselves. They did not bother about the people who had been put into jail for being affiliated with the misleading slogan of ‘plebiscite’. Then, after some time they started chanting slogans of ‘autonomy’ and ‘self-rule’. Did they get these things for you?”

“In the last parliamentary election, the same politicians allured you and took your votes saying that they will protect Article 370. Could they protect it? Most recently, they asked for your votes in DDC elections saying that they will get abrogated article 370 back. Did they get it back? Every time they mislead you with fake promises for their electoral gains. Now it is your responsibility to tell these deceptive politicians that enough is enough.  You should not fall prey to their misleading slogans and fake promises.” Mir added.

Reiterating Apni Party’s agenda, Ghulam Hassan Mir said, “We believe J&K needs a peaceful atmosphere and positive political narratives for a better future. Apni Party leadership is convinced that only sustained peace could fetch prosperity and development on this land. J&K people cannot afford further destruction and deaths here. For the better future of J&K people, especially the youth, we need to create a peaceful atmosphere here, thus, Apni Party’s key agenda is to work for sustained peace here. Unlike the traditional parties, Apni Party will never mislead people through fake promises and deceptive slogans even if this policy does not fetch us any political dividends.”

Meanwhile, Apni Party’s General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir in his address to the workers’ convention stressed on protecting the future of J&K youth. He said, “Youth is our future, and we cannot afford to let our youngsters fall prey to negative politics. They deserve the best opportunities and a promising future, and it is our responsibility to create an environment that could pave the way for a better future for our youth.”

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