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PM advocates imposing costs on countries supporting terrorism

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“Certain countries support terrorism as part of their foreign policy while some do so indirectly by blocking action against terrorists”

New Delhi: In a veiled attack on Pakistan and China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said certain countries support terrorism as part of their foreign policy while some do so indirectly by blocking action against terrorists.

Addressing the 3rd ‘No Money for Terror Ministerial Conference on Counter-Terrorism Financing’, the prime minister also stressed on the need for imposing cost on countries that support terrorism.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is organising the conference which is being attended by 450 delegates from over 75 nations and international organisations.

Officials said Pakistan and Afghanistan are not participating in the conference while China was invited but did not come.

During the last two decades, India has repeatedly sought inclusion of several Pakistan-based leaders of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed in the United Nations Security Council’s 1267 committee list but the proposals have been vetoed by China, a permanent member of the Council.

Pakistan is accused of “providing all-round support to terrorist organisations in carrying out attacks in India, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir.”

The prime minister said organisations and individuals that try to create sympathy for terrorists must also be isolated.

“International organisations must not think that absence of war means peace. Proxy wars are also dangerous and violent. There must be a cost imposed upon countries that support terrorism,” he said.

Certain countries support terrorism as part of their foreign policy and they offer political, ideological and financial support, Modi said, adding, “There can be no ifs and buts entertained in such matters. The world needs to unite against all kinds of overt and covert backing of terror.”

He said it is well known that terrorist organisations get money through several sources and one of them is state support.

The prime minister said in present times, ideally there should be no need for anyone to remind the world of the dangers of terrorism.

“However, there are still certain mistaken notions about terrorism in some circles,” he said.

Modi said the intensity of the reaction to different attacks cannot vary based on where it happens and all terrorist attacks deserve equal outrage and action.

“Further, sometimes, there are indirect arguments made in support of terrorism to block actions against terrorists,” he said.

Modi asserted that there is no place for an ambiguous approach while dealing with a global threat.

“It is an attack on humanity, freedom and civilisation. It knows no boundaries. Only a uniform, unified and zero-tolerance approach can defeat terrorism,” he said.

It is significant that this conference is happening in India as the country faced the horrors of terror long before the world took serious note of it, he said.

“Over the decades, terrorism in different names and forms tried to hurt India. We lost thousands of precious lives, but we have fought terrorism bravely,” he said.

Modi said the delegates have a chance to interact with a country and people who have been firm in tackling terror.

“We consider that even a single attack is one too many. Even a single life lost is one too many. So, we will not rest till terrorism is uprooted,” he said.

Modi said uprooting terrorism needs a larger proactive response and to make citizens safe no one can wait until terror comes to individual homes.

“We must pursue terrorists, break their support networks and hit their finances,” he said.


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