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Recruitment scam, joblessness, price rise hallmark of BJP govt: JKPCC Chief 

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BJP failed to ensure safety of minorities in Kashmir: Raman Bhalla

Bishnah: JKPCC Chief and former minister Vikar Rasool Wani has said that joblessness, recruitment scams, and price rise are the hallmarks of UT administration under the BJP regime and asked people to teach BJP a lesson in coming elections.

Addressing a workers’ rally at Bishnah today along with working president Raman Bhalla and other senior leaders, Vikar Rasool Wani, according to the JKPCC spokesperson, lashed out at the BJP for fake and hollow promises during polls but gave joblessness, a number of recruitment scams and unprecedented price rise during its tenure. 

Vikar addressing a huge gathering said that the BJP regime destroyed Jammu and Kashmir, in various spheres, as it lost its identity, status, right over jobs, lands, opportunities of trade & transport, and business besides whatsoever selections/recruitments were done in the UT, witnessed corruption and scams.” People were exploited in the name of a bright future, control on prices, and two crore jobs annually but today all promises have fallen flat except politics of hate and division, maligning previous governments but the selling of national assets created by congress in sixty years.”

“Demonetisation and wrong economic policies have led to joblessness and unprecedented price hike. Huge taxes are being imposed on the common man to please crony capitalism and waive of lakhs crores of bank loans of big capitalists under the Modi government. Jammu and Kashmir was a historical state with much better living conditions than most of the states in the country but it has been divided, downgraded in its status and powers, and pushed into the atmosphere of political uncertainty,” he said.

“Maharaja had protected its identity and saved its land and jobs for the local residents in the better interests of future generations. But BJP exploited the people in the name of a very bright future, eliminating terrorism and creating a lot of jobs. After nine years of BJP’s rule and three and half years of direct central rule, what has been achieved and benefitted the people of jammu and Kashmir? No democracy, joblessness, scams in recruitment, huge taxation, unprecedented price rises, targeted killings, and deterioration in the security situation. Those appointed and engaged by previous governments are either feeling insecure or agitating for their rights to regularization Or enhancement of their wages/honorarium,” he added.

JKPCC chief asserted that congress is the only viable secular alternative to the divisive policies of BJP which has vitiated the political, social, secular, and democratic atmosphere in the country and in Jammu and Kashmir. He appealed to people to support congress’s struggle to bring back statehood, rights to land, and jobs and bring it back to power in the next elections for securing jobs, trade, and business besides the atmosphere of democracy, peace, and harmony in the society.

Addressing the gathering Working President Raman Bhalla lashed out BJP for its failures on all fronts and destroying the historical state and pushing the people, especially the youth and poor into great suffering. “Kashmir has become more unsafe for minorities and outside people including the peace-loving locals under the UT regime remotely controlled by BJP. The Kashmiri minorities and Jammu employees are being forced to serve in sensitive areas at the cost of their lives and not paid salaries. The daily wagers need-based, Anganwadi, Asha workers, NYC, and various categories of contractual Adhoc employees are suffering after over a decade of services and promises not fulfilled. There are either no or very meager job opportunities against huge unemployment due to the wrong policies of the BJP in the last nine years,” he added.

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