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All stranded trucks to be cleared by tonight: Div Com Kashmir

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Srinagar: Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole on Monday said that intermittent shooting stones at Mehar are causing stoppages in the vehicular traffic movement along the Jammu-Srinagar national highway, which is actually the reason for fruit-laden trucks getting stranded along the route.

He however, as per an official press release, assured that all stranded trucks including those carrying apples will be cleared by tonight.

Pole also informed that from September 01 to September 25, some 46,000 trucks and trailers have moved from Qazigund towards Jammu; this also includes 29,000 trucks carrying apples only. He said 3995 apple trucks have moved towards Jammu yesterday only.

Div Com asserted that normally apple production in Kashmir is 17 metric tons, but due to abundant rainfall this year, there has been a bumper crop and it will cross 21 metric tons this time.

Pole said that the claims of certain fruit growers’ association on the halting of fruit trucks is “half-truth” and added that natural reasons are actually hindering traffic movement.

“We have difficulties in the movement of traffic on the highway due to rains and resultant shooting stones, which is beyond human control,” he said, while appealing to the growers and transporters to use alternate Mughal road to lessen the burden on Jammu-Srinagar national highway.

He informed that some 1500 trucks have been stuck between Ramban and Ramsoo as traffic could not move ahead of Ramban with flow because of intermittent shooting stones at Mehar causing regular stoppages.

Div Com also informed that today at 12 noon, Chief Secretary had taken a review meeting which was attended by DGP and all officers of traffic departments.

He informed that the administration is making all efforts to ensure that fruit trucks reach markets outside without any hassles. He urged the transporters to use Mughal road, “at least for empty vehicles”.

At present, around 4000 trucks loaded with fresh perishables, and petroleum products and other requirements of the Valley are stranded in the Jammu region, he stated.

The press release also informed that the capacity of Jammu-Srinagar national highway for one way heavy motor vehicles is just about 3000 to 3500 if there is no disruption in traffic due to landslides, shooting stones and breakdown of loaded trucks. Anything above the capacity disturbs the whole cycle of up and down release of traffic and this may result in piling up of traffic on the highway.



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