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Government Schools Closing

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Government schools have not failed, but it is the failure of the governments, bureaucrats, and leaders running them.

By: Priyanka Saurabh

Education is the foundation on which we build the future of the coming generation. Closing government schools are a matter of concern because if there are no government schools, what will happen to the future of poor children? The main reason for the closure of these schools is being told that the government has fewer children, while the main reason is that the posts of 40000 teachers are vacant, while the teachers of maths science, English, Hindi, physical education are needed to run the middle schools but the government deliberately did not recruit teachers for 8 years, due to which the posts of teachers in schools went vacant, due to the vacancy, a teacher was teaching Mathematics Science English Hindi Service.

Due to the lack of teachers, the number of children in the schools kept on decreasing, as the government wanted, according to the plan, there should be fewer children in the school and there should be an opportunity to close these schools. Government schools are getting better results than private schools, while the Haryana government is going to close the government schools, it wants to keep the children illiterate and does not want to give employment to the youth.

Government schools have not failed, but it is the failure of the governments, bureaucrats, and leaders running them. It is these people who are responsible for the recent ugliness of the government school system, which in the name of privatization has destroyed important assets of the state. Anyway, those states are soon ruined or become a bastion of corruption, whose education, health, and police system are engulfed by the snake of privatization. Today the network of private schools has spread to every corner of the country. Government schools are playing a vital role in the schooling of children from only the most deprived and marginalized communities of this country. Children from good homes are getting expensive education in private schools and thus we are preparing two India’s for the future.

The growing business of private schools and the closing down of government schools is a matter of serious concern for uniform education in the country- for example in a developed state like Haryana, the two major political parties of the country- the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, have almost equalized in the last 20 years. Governments have been formed, but even today the government schools in the state are far from basic facilities. The government here has just brought the Chirag scheme to end government school education.

If you teach children in government schools, you have to pay 500 ₹, if you teach in private, the government will pay 1100 ₹ for your child’s fees. Who is promoting this? Government school education or private? It simply means that the government believes that they are not able to provide good education and that the private ones are better than them. But at the time of elections, promises are made to the public for good education, but the statistics of the state’s schools show that some special attention is not being given to government schools, due to which the enrolment of students is decreasing, and finally, Schools are closed due to low enrolment.

The education mafia is seeing school education as a big market, in which the biggest obstacle is government schools. To break this barrier, they are coming up with new tricks day by day, which are emphasizing the implementation of a public-private partnership system in government schools. This work of bargaining for education is also getting the support of politicians and bureaucracy who help to destroy the public education system and want this system to die, privatization should take this system in its lap. This is the reason why the state governments do not give any emphasis on the issues of shortage of trained teachers, quality education, lack of necessary infrastructure facilities, absence of children, and dropouts in the middle. You will be surprised that there has been no recruitment of primary teachers in Haryana in the last ten years and lakhs of students there have proved their worth and passed the HTET examinations ten times. This proves that the government does not want to emphasize the education system of the state.

We have to talk about a common school for all. But this is not so simple. Anyway, public schools can run well only when there is the involvement of the community and parents in their operation. Today most of the government schools in rural areas are on the verge of closure due to a lack of children. People are sending their children in yellow vehicles instead of government schools. Active participation of the community is necessary for quality education, but the biggest problem in this direction is the inclination of resourceful parents towards private schools. Government school teachers themselves are sending their children to private schools. In such a situation, how will he be able to inspire others? Our government schools have failed to meet the running/administration, budget and lack of trained teachers and infrastructural facilities, due to which people’s attention has shifted from government schools to private schools and secondly, the education mafias have taken this as an opportunity to do their business. has made. Big bureaucrats and politicians themselves are part of this mafia in some way or the other. In such a situation, they do not want to make efforts to improve the direction and condition of government schools at all.

In such a situation, one hope escapes from the judiciary itself. In the present era, there is no dearth of teacher eligibility qualified youth across the country. But he is unemployed due to a lack of job and is unable to contribute to the interest of the country. The central government and the judiciary should put a complete ban on the privatization of education and strengthen the initiative of equal education for all in the country. Taking an immediate decision, now the teacher-student ratio in government schools should be reduced. This decision will also help in providing quality education to the children. All private schools should recruit new teachers under the government so that talented teachers from all over the country strengthen our education system. The already running private schools will act as a developed system for the government. The government will not face any problem in arranging any building and other items. Only new teachers will have to be recruited under them. With this step, an India will be built in the future, everyone will get equal education, quality will improve, unemployment of youth will decrease and the education mafia will end.

Parents believe that the necessary facilities for education like computers, the proper number of teachers, availability of drinking water, etc., are better in private schools than in government schools. “If the government provides good facilities even in government schools, why would we or any person want to pay such high fees in private schools? Today, in government schools, most of the children are from poor families, those children who have any other option other than government school. Due to the lack of proper facilities in government schools, enrolment in government schools is continuously decreasing. The government blames the declining enrolment behind the closure of schools. But the number of government schools that have been closed shows that enrolment is declining. Migration is not the only reason behind this. Even today promises are made to the public for a good education at the time of elections, but the statistics of the state’s schools show that some special attention is not being given to government schools, due to which students Enrolment is declining, and eventually, the school is closed due to low enrolment.

Now even in government schools, new technology is being used to make teaching work easy and fun. New methods are also being used in government schools for how the children’s mind is engaged in studies and teachers are also given training from time to time. Sports are very important for the all-round development of children. For this, we have sports equipment in our schools so that children play in the mid-term.” Different types of students can study together. Secondly, the books of private schools are also very expensive, the same books are available for free in government schools and the biggest thing is that the teachers who are appointed in government schools have passed the state-level selection examination. Thinking from this point of view, today government schools should be promoted as a better option than private schools.

The writer is Research Scholar in Political Science,Poet, freelance journalist and columnist.

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