Addressing the pressing issues first

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By: Dr. Ashraf Amin

Societies, communities, and nations who know how to prioritize things are blessed! The rise and fall of civilizations are also a matter of things prioritized over others things.  The greatest wisdom lies in what to prefer and when to prefer for one’s own self and one’s community.

Every period of human journey comes with multiple challenges. and a cautious, vigilant, vibrant society knows how to beset with the challenges with a certain chronology of priorities. The entire human society at present fails to catch up with the right choices. We are drowned into materialism coupled with a utopian world. We are fast losing collectiveness, cooperation and firm social bases. In short, we are losing humans. What is gained of a nation who has lost its men!

Kashmir society that used to be one of the most spiritually, intellectually, emotionally strong societies is paralysed by intellectual, spiritual, and emotional stagnation. Religion that had always been the strongest forces to steer the people of Kashmir to peace, prosperity, and progress has been reduced to petty discussions and arguments. The religious preachers, scholars and thinkers who must have guarded people from falling into discords have by themselves taken a lead to sow the seeds of enmity and discord among men of faith.

By not knowing the sufferings, struggles, hardships and distresses of the people, religious preaching’s could be of no avail. Our younger generation is consumed by addictions of every sort: of drugs, social media, pornography, waywardness, doubt and un-certainty. in the midst of such gloomy picture, it hurts when a specific religious scholar fans sectarian controversies forgetting the immediate burning issues. Muslim Ulama belonging to different schools of thought in Kashmir have to feel the pulse of the situation. They can’t turn away from the problems of the society. They require to come out of their narrow shells to take stock of the complete picture of Kashmir society. Dowry, late marriages, poverty, extravagance, domestic violence in all forms– with woman, children, parents, etc. must be put to an end. But all of this would take collective and organizational efforts, courage and wisdom.

Are our religious scholars ready to fight such issues on a common front! Would they rise above sectarian denominations and personal images to save the common masses. Ulama have be everywhere on ground, on digital platforms, available round the clock to act as a shield for masses especially youth against various traps of Satan. An ‘Alim is a guide, a strategist, a counsellor, a doctor, a compassionate fellow, a therapist who is supposed to cure the ills of humans. This realization must awaken among our ‘Ulama!

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