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Peace in J&K can safeguard social, political, economic interests of people: Altaf Bukhari

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Srinagar: Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Sunday said that people of Jammu and Kashmir have realized the fact that violence is the biggest enemy to their social, political and economic interests.

Speaking at a public rally in the Bemina area of the Shalteng assembly constituency in Srinagar, Bukhari said that New Delhi does not necessarily need to have peace and tranquility in J&K, but the people of this region do because they have high stakes in a peaceful environment here.

According to a statement issued here, Bukhari extended his gratitude to people for their enthusiastic participation in the rally.

He said, “Your enthusiastic presence in this rally indicates that you understand the fact that people inevitably need peace and tranquility in Kashmir for a better future.”

“People have faith in Apni Party’s agenda, which is to ensure sustained peace, durable prosperity, and economic development in J&K. Our narrative promises a protected future for everyone, especially youth and womenfolk,” he further said.

He reiterated his promise that Apni Party will continue its truthful politics and will never push people towards evil politics and unachievable goals.

“Unlike the conventional political parties, Apni Party is determined to speak truth to the people even if that does not fetch much political dividends to us. We will not promise you moon and stars rather we will promise you only what we believe we can fulfill,” he said.

He said that his party believes that the path of violence has given people of this land nothing except destruction and miseries over the years.

“Thus, we need to shun violence to pave a way for a peaceful environment which will eventually help us to attain everything that matters to people. Through peaceful means, we can also achieve political and economic empowerment for the people,” he said.

Taking a dig at the traditional political parties, Apni Party President said, “The traditional political parties and their leaders have been misleading the common masses over the past more than 75 years. One of the tallest leaders would change his stance every now and then like one changes his or her clothes. First, he decided to go with India, then he started a so-called ‘plebiscite movement’ here, then he returned back to his earlier stance, and later he promised autonomy. In fact, all his U-turns were meant to keep a hold on power and create a political empire and legacy for his family and his future generations.”

“Then, we got another party here that tried to convince us that it will fight against the dynasty rule in J&K, but the leaders of this party ultimately formed its own family rule here by fooling people through deceitful slogans of self-rule, Pakistan, dual currency and so on,” he added.

Apni Party President further said that the traditional political parties are still trying to mislead the people by false promises and by building false narratives.

He said, “Now they are trying to fool people by saying that they will get article 370 back that was abrogated by the New Delhi on August 5, 2019. People must ask them how they are going to get it back and what would be their strategy to undo what was done on August 5.”

Syed Altaf Bukhari urged his party workers to keep an eye at electoral rolls to ensure nothing untoward happens. “You should watch the ongoing Special Summary Revision to make sure the process to smooth and transparent.” He said.

Reiterating his promise that if gets the public mandate in forthcoming assembly elections to form the government in J&K, Apni Party will ensure economic dividends to each and every household in J&K. He said, “We will provide up to 500 units of electricity free in winter months to the Valley consumers, and the same amount of free power to people in Jammu during summers, and 300 units of free electricity to the people in the Valley in summers and to Jammu people in winters. Also, we will enhance the present Rs 50,000 marriage assistance to the girls up to one lakh rupees, and the monthly widow and old age pension up to rupees five thousand from existing one thousand rupees. Also, we will give four free gas refills annually to every household in J&K,” He added.


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