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Youth in Jammu protest against Agnipath recruitment scheme

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JAMMU: Following a series of protests over Agnipath recruitment scheme in various parts of the country, the youths in Jammu are also up in arms against the central government’s new proposal of recruiting youth in armed forces.

To lodge their protest, a large number of youths gathered at Kunjwani Chowk in the city outskirts.

Raising slogans against the central government for introducing Agnipath recruitment scheme, the protesting youth demanded immediate withdrawal of the scheme.

The police team that reached the spot tried to convince the protesting youths but they remained adamant on their demand. Meanwhile, there was a slight scuffle between the youths and the police.

Police also detained some protesters to bring the situation under control angering the protesting youth who demanded immediate release of the detained protesters.

“The government should immediately withdraw the Agnipath scheme as it is against the educated unemployed youth,” said protesters.

It is pertinent to mention here that yesterday also the youths in Jammu city and border area Arnia had protested against this scheme and demanded its withdrawal after protests over Agnipath recruitment scheme began in several other states of the country.

While the scheme was unveiled on June 14, the youths in states like Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand began to oppose it the very next day. In Bihar, there is so much opposition to the scheme that protesters resorted to violence and even burnt the trains. Trains and buses have also been attacked in Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Delhi.

Under the Agnipath scheme, the central government has made radical changes in the old recruitment process. Under this scheme, soldiers will be recruited for four years in the Army, Navy and Air Force. After that 75 percent of the soldiers will be sent home and the rest of the soldiers will be permanently absorbed in the army.

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