Bashir Manzar

Police and the people have to answer

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When it comes to killings in Kashmir in recent months, the statistics can give anyone, who believes in sanctity of human life and not just mathematics, goose bumps.

How many migrant labourers, irrespective of their religious affiliations? How many of Kashmiri Pandits? How many of unarmed and off duty policemen, Kashmiri Muslims? How many of teachers like Rajni and bankers like Vijay?

The list is unending.

When people were still in shock of Vijay Kumar’s murder in Kulgam, two migrant labourers were shot at and injured in Budgam district. (one of them has reportedly died).

What is going on?

Does anybody have any answers? Till the moment I am writing this, there are no plausible explanations. There are stories, there are tales, there are fables, everyone spinning everything the way S/he wants.

But what is the end result? Orphans, widowers, wailing parents?

And who is responsible for these killings?

Pakistan, yes. Terrorists, yes.

But who is responsible to protect people from falling prey to Pakistan/terrorist bullets?

State administration, yes. Kashmiri Muslim community, yes.

First, let us discuss the administration. There is a race going on to solve murder cases in “hours” and that is where the fault lies.

This race kills the facts. But police have to come up with results, facts, convincing outcomes.

Saying that Rahul Bhat’s killers had come from Pakistan (fresh infiltration), and were killed in an encounter in Bandipora after Bhat’s killing, a little bit too much!

Police, anywhere in the world, and in our India too has a set manual to investigate and probe murders. It takes time. Scientifically and humanly it is not possible to identify killers within hours if there are no eyewitnesses.

But Kashmir is a wonderland!

So, Rahul Bhat’s killers were identified within hours and killed after a few hours, was what we were made to believe.


Had Rahul Bhat’s killers really been identified, Ambreen, the TV artist, who was killed in the same Chadoora area would have not died.

Had school teacher Rajni’s killers been identified, the banker Vijay would have not died in the same area.

What Kashmir, in these circumstances, needs is the basic policing where FIRs are registered, investigations carried out and with scientific and human intel, the outcomes established.


Nothing of the sort is happening.

And that is what administration is doing.

Now let’s come to the majority community of Kashmir.

Where is the outrage?

Why are the majority community members criminally silent? The noises made by NC, PDP, JKPC, CPI(M), Congress and other smaller parties are too weak to address the gravity of situation.

Unless Kashmiri majority community comes out with a loud message – NOT IN MY NAME – nothing is going to change.

Agreed that Kashmir’s majority community is upset with a commercial Bollywood movie, The Kashmir Files that tried, pathetically, to portray them as villains, they need to realize it was a commercial venture aimed at earning more bucks than highlighting the real life trauma of Kashmiris.

Amid the Kashmir Files narrative and Kashmir’s real story, things are ugly and culprits are to be identified, no final conclusions!

Wake up police administration, do some real policing!

Wake up Kashmiri Muslims, do some soul searching.

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