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Healthy choices for hale and hearty life!

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By: Muneer Shamee

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April since 1950 and this occasion is to focus on how the people remain healthy and gain better access to health provision. Health is the fundamental right of every human being irrespective of race, religion, political belief or socio-economic condition. World Health Organization came into force on 1948 to tackle the important health issues such as physical health, mental health, maternal and child health care. In the recent year’s countries around the world have experienced rapid urbanization, migration and therefore a larger need for better opportunities of health security for a fairer and healthier world. The day highlights the worldwide attention on how the people remain healthy and gain better access to health provision.

It is also a reality that more than 1 billion people around the world live with hypertension, nearly 200 million women lack adequate access to family planning services and 20 million infants don’t receive the essential immunization. Around 50% of world’s population is not able to obtain health services they need. 6.6 million Children lose their lives annually due to weak health systems worldwide. Everyday 800 women die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Taiwan tops the list of providing better health care facilities and USA spends the most on health care amenities.

During COVID-19 pandemic there has an increased and urgent need of health checks and better access to health services. Majority of people struggle hard to meet their daily requirements so it becomes difficult for them to have proper housing, health, hygiene and sanitation. The outbreak of the virus impacted 20-30% of countries GDP. The pandemic has also revealed the lack of health care system we have currently achieved around the world. Many countries lack the basic protective equipments such as masks, gowns for the Corona warriors while PPE equipments are too costlier and ultimately beyond the reach of ordinary man. Lack of medical staff, medical supplies added to the grim situation. Poor countries face the hurdle of testing kits, medical and other health care equipments and many lose their lives due to poor healthcare facilities.

Government of India aims to improve the health coverage and understands the importance of primary health care in particular. To make available healthcare facilities to one and all, rich and poor, the government launched several schemes that are aimed to serve people at the grassroots. These schemes are comprehensive and people-friendly and need to be appreciated for their potential to change the health scenario of the country. Efforts are being made to achieve the goal of skilled health workers accessible and available at every nook and corner.


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