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Pandits celebrate Navreh in Srinagar

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Srinagar: On the occasion of the beginning of the Hindu new year, celebrated as Navreh by Kashmiri Pandit community, a grand pooja was held at the Durganag temple in Dalgate, Srinagar on Saturday.

People in large numbers participated in the celebration and prayers were held for peace and prosperity of the entire humanity in general, but, for Kashmir in particular.

Speaking on the occasion, Murarji Kaul, Trustee of the trust managing the affairs of the shrine said that special prayers were held for strengthening the traditional brotherhood bonds between various communities of the Valley.

He said that despite the “enormous damage caused to this brotherhood by political forces of various shades, the bonds between the majority community and the Pandit community remain as strong as ever and of late there are renewed efforts to strengthen them even further”.

He said that “peace is gradually returning to the valley and people in general are very keen to safeguard the interests of the upcoming generations in the valley”.

Kaul emphasized that this day coinciding with the beginning of the holy month of Ramzan “augers well for the entire population of the valley as it is bound to reinforce the traditional spiritual environment here, bring solace to the wounded psyche of the people tormented by the tragic events that unfolded here during the past three decades.”

He appealed the general public of both the communities to “work for the much overdue development of the valley as that would guarantee the better prospects for the children who are facing a dearth of gainful employment avenues here.”

A large number of KPs thronged the Sharika Devi temple at Hari Parbat as well where people would hold special prayers before visiting the nearby Badamwari on this occasion before migration.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy joined the Navreh Pooja at the Chakreshwari Devi temple at Hariparbhat.

A special function for Navreh was also held at Sher-e-Kashmir Park near Lal Chowk which was attended by Muslims and Sikhs besides the Kashmiri Pandits.

Photo-Javed Khan /Kashmir Images

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