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BJP pushing country towards another division: Mufti

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Jammu: PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday accused the BJP of pushing the country towards another division by dividing people on religious lines.

The former chief minister hurled the allegation while praising first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru for his “secular” credentials and “steering” India on the path of development and prosperity.

“(Pakistani founder Muhammad Ali) Jinnah divided this country in the past but today every attempt is being made to divide the country once again on communal lines. These people (BJP) want another division,” Mufti said, addressing party workers in R S Pura near here.

The former chief minister said the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was killed by Nathu Ram Godse and “his ideology is being practised today by hundreds and thousands of Godse’s followers.”

She said the people have to fight the “nefarious designs” of the BJP and other fascist forces unitedly.

“If we allow this religious division to happen, the sacrifice of freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh will go in vain. Therefore, do not allow Gandhi to die once again,” she said, adding her party would not allow the Gandhian ideology to die.

Claiming that the BJP will not get any space in Kashmir, she said only their paid agents are holding the party flag there while it is imperative for Jammu to stand up and take on “communal forces”.

She said Jammu has been home to all religious faiths and beliefs and the city has accepted everyone from across Jammu and Kashmir, irrespective of their faith.

“Jammu is facing maximum brunt after the abrogation of Article 370 (in August 2019). Not only business and economy but cultural identity of Jammu and its people is at stake,” she said, adding industrialists and business houses from outside are being lured here.

Mufti claimed nobody would come to Kashmir due to the deteriorating situation there.

“Nehru went to jail for freedom of the country and steered it on the path of development and prosperity. He ensured colleges, universities and hospitals for the people, unlike the present dispensation which has only one agenda to rule by creating a divide among the people,” she said.

She said the BJP government has no plans to get rid of the problem of growing unemployment among youths.

“They have ruined the country. They started their clandestine designs with Jammu and Kashmir where the situation is much worse than the rest of the country,” the PDP leader claimed.

“The existence of Jammu and Kashmir is in danger under the BJP and the youths have a greater responsibility as the coming generations will question their stand in the face of the BJP’s onslaught on their identity and culture,” she asserted.

She urged her party workers to strengthen the party and said there is a need to foil the “vicious designs” of the vested interests who are hell-bent to weaken the PDP.

She said youths have a decisive role in taking Jammu and Kashmir out of the morass of disappointment and hopelessness.

“The PDP cannot take this fight to a logical end alone and the youths will have to come forward to play a decisive role,” she added.

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