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Sufism is weapon against extremism, terrorism: Sufi sect council chief

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New Delhi: Sufism is a weapon against extremism and there is a need to re-establish and promote it in the country, the chief of a body of the Sufi sect said on Sunday.

Calling on people to give priority to humanity and the nation’s progress, All India Sufi Sajjadanashin Council (AISSC) chairman Syed Naseruddin Chishti said Islam never talks about violence in the name of religion, and people should refrain from violent activities in such delicate times.

“Sufism is a weapon against extremism and terrorism. So there is a need to re-establish and promote Sufism on the ground. Sufis are seen as a strong foundation of unity between Hindus and Muslims, which is very much required in the county currently,” he said while addressing a Sufi meet at the Mashaikh Manzil near the Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah here.

Organised by the AISSC’s Delhi chapter, the meet was attended by heads of around 200 dargahs (shrines) from across the country.

Chishti stressed that people should keep religious extremism aside and give priority to humanity and the country’s progress.

These days some extremist groups are spreading hate and misleading the youth for their interests, he said.

“In such a scenario it is our responsibility that we caution Muslims and tell them that they should not let their children join such extremist organisations. They should make efforts for good education of their wards,” Chishti said.

“Progress and success can be achieved only through good education and hard work not by terrorism and weapons,” he said.

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