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Locals speak up against civilian killings, denounce terrorism

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Srinagar: Killing of a bright student Rafiya Nazir in Amirakadal grenade attack and a CRPF trooper Mukhtar Ahmad, who had come home on leave, in Shopian and other such killings have attracted sever condemnation from all sections of the society.

Rafiya, 19 year old, was killed recently when terrorists hurled a grenade at busy Amirakadal market. She had shared her dream and her zest for life with the family members after announcement of class 12th exam result. Mukhtar was a CRPF trooper and the whole town of Shopian was proud of the young soldier.

People have expressed their anger in unambiguous manner believing that these acts are not the acts of terror against individuals but against the basic concept of Kashmiriyat.

“Terrorists targeting our children, youth and elders is a chilling reminder for the entire Kashmiri society to stand united against the terror perpetrators. Thousands of families have been irreparably damaged by Pakistan-backed terrorists and social fabric of our society now lies in tatters,” Sadiq Manzoor a local told news agency KNA.

“Today we are mourning Rafiya, Mukhtar and many other innocents. They had a unique and beautiful life. We must all stand in solidarity with these families living with scars of terrorist acts and fight the radicalization in our community,” a local resident, Nisar Ahmad Rather told the KNA.

A well-educated farmer, Imtiyaz Ahmad Tenga told the KNA that many families he met after Rafiya’s killing were heartbroken and livid over widespread atrocities committed by terrorists.

“Terrorists who are misguiding our youth have no mercy and we have seen they don’t spare our elders, women and children. A whopping majority wants development not bloodshed. I am hopeful very soon this mindless terrorism will end and we will be able to rebuild our lives,” Tenga told the KNA.

“Everyone here wants to feel safe and live a normal life. This has rattled many operatives of terror eco-system. For the first time in last 30 years common people came out on the street to protest against terrorist attacks and took a solemn vow to fight terrorism,” the resident told KNA.

KNA also tried to reach out to several human rights groups based in Kashmir valley for a statement, but they refused to speak citing ongoing investigation in these cases.

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