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NC asks govt to rationalise prices of pesticides, agro-chemicals

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday expressed concern over the skyrocketing prices of pesticides and other agro-chemicals, saying agriculturalists and horticulturalists are finding it hard to carry with their farming activities, as the input costs are rising sharply.

This was, according to the NC spokesperson, stated by the Party Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar, while taking exception to the indifferent attitude of the government towards the price escalation of pesticides. “The situation of the horticulture and Agriculture sectors in Kashmir already typifies a worst case scenario in wake of last losses incurred by the sectors due to successive lock downs, closure of government sale centers and weather vagaries. With little to no help from the government, the farmers had started to gather themselves for the upcoming season but the unchecked price rise of pesticides and agricultural chemicals has dampened their spirits and extinguished their hopes of recovering from previous year’s losses,” he said.

Rising prices of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, Imran said have crippled their economic condition. “The farmers are unable to buy pesticides and other required items for their crops owing to their falling purchasing power. Though Kashmir is an agricultural region, successive governments after 2015 have ignored the farmers and agriculture sector. Rise in pesticides and agro-chemicals is believed to have put additional burden on farmers. “It is getting difficult to continue farming activities, as the input costs are rising sharply. The pesticides and other agro-chemical prices have soared in recent months and all at all time high at this crucial time, when the preparation for upcoming agriculture and horticulture activities have commenced. As the high input costs are hurting farmers. It is imperative for the government to come to their rescue,” he added.

“Farmers and horticulturalists he further noted are feeling the soaring heat of price rise of other materials used by them thus putting strain on them and raising concern for further inflation when food prices are already high,” he further added.

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