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Institute launched for research, studies on Kashmiri Shaivism

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Jammu: Kashmir Shaiva Institute has been launched as the first research, studies and publications centre on Kashmir Shaivism in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday, officials said.

The institute will reach out to all educational institutes across the country and globe to promote Kashmiri Shaivism, a senior official said.

Kashmir Shaivism, or Trika Shaivism, is a non-dualist tradition of Shaiva-Shakta Tantra which originated sometime after 850 CE. Since this tradition originated in Kashmir it is often called “Kashmiri Shaivism”.

It later went on to become a pan-Indian movement termed ‘Trika’ (The Trinity) by its great exegete, sage Abhinavagupta, and particularly flourished in Odisha, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

“Kashmir Shaiva Institute has been launched here as first research, studies, teaching and publication centre of excellence across the globe on Kashmir Shaivism”, Secretary KSI Vijay Kumar Kaul told reporters here.

The institute was setup by the globally acknowledged Ishwar Ashram Trust on Kashmir Shaivism.

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