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An open letter to B.Ed Coordinator, Degree College Gbl 

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Respected sir,

We, on behalf of B.Ed batch 2018 write to you that the B.Ed exams- 3rd & 4th semester- is already late by a month for which we want you to listen to our genuine demands regarding the allotment of examination centres for the upcoming exam prior to the final notice that will be issued officially.

Dear Sir, the inclement weather i.e. CHILLAI KALAN , is approaching and we all know that this is the time of the year when temperatures dip several degrees below freezing point here and it is next to impossible to do any usual business. This usually commences from 21st Dec to 29th January every year which is a period of 40 days. It is inescapable that we usually face several problems in Kashmir in the winter months owing to the drastic change in weather conditions due to cold wave.

In harsh winters, transport becomes the main issue due to bad weather and snowy conditions that render roads slippery and often close links roads as well. Students, who have to come from far flung areas to reach the centre in due time, actually find it hard to do so owing to the same weather issues. I personally know many of my batch mates who reside in far flung areas like Gund Kangan etc for whom reaching an examination hall would be impossible. They have to change two buses to reach the examination centre and the routes are most often closed or too slippers for the transport to operate.

Last year, some of the students faced a lot of problems in the exams of 1st and 2nd semester in the month of December whose centre was located at Girls higher secondary Tulmulla Ganderbal. This area had an issue with the transport those days owing to the winter conditions. Sometimes they reached 10 minutes late in the examination centre which could been put their career at risk.

We, the students of 3rd and 4th semester want to bring this into your good attention that the examination centre should be allotted in the main centre of district Ganderbal either in degree college or in any preferred higher secondary that shall remain very convenient and trouble free for all the students rather than any centers allotted on the outskirts which definitely creates a lot of tension among the students who have to face constant hurdles.

We firmly believe in your wisdom and good judgment besides your empathy towards the students and request you to take into consideration all the above mentioned details. We are sure will shall discuss it with the controller of examination for a perfect solution for the betterment of students.

Sir, we hope you would read this letter and kindly help us in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mudasir Ali & Shahbaz Hamid

B.Ed students, University of Kashmir

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