Basharat Bashir

The future of ART

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Afghanistan is witnessing another war as Taliban has taken control of the country. The streets are barren, terror stricken people burry themselves in the shells and many are trying to flee in whichever way possible- who can forgot the airport scenes that went viral a few weeks ago!

Besides the political upheaval, the art activities that had made some really strong presence in Afghanistan have also come to a halt. Street art in Afghanistan that had acquired great significance and was being covered by nearly all famous art websites and web pages might become history given the circumstances that the country is face to face with. The art works- the murals that largely targeted corruption and hate besides triggering a thought with regards to peace in the country will, many fear, soon disappear and the art works aimed at getting people to think about various issues in a soft way will no longer have the same acceptance as it had achieved.

“We wanted to give a voice to the people of Afghanistan who do not have much of a say in what is happening, but they are the most who are suffering — the young people,” said Lima Ahmad, one of the original members of a group famous as ‘ArtLords’. Pertinent to mention that when the Taliban ruled the country from 1996 to 2001, art was never to be seen, never to be tried, not atleast in open.

“It feels that — I’m not sure I may be able to paint again or not. I’m not sure my organization will be there. I’m not sure if my paintings will be there tomorrow … But still, in this day, a couple of hours ago, I was painting in a street of Kabul. And I hope I will be able to do it again,” Omad Sharifi, a founder of Artlords was quoted by news agencies as saying.

It is a very dark hour for the art lovers and art creators of Afghanistan and one can only pray for peace to prevail in the country. The art creators are essentially rebellious and scrutinize things in the most stark ways- something that neither democracies nor organizations like Taliban approve!

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