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Glimpses of First International Online Art Competition by Callisto:

Callisto Art and Culture, a Kashmir based art organization recently came up with its first international online Art contest inviting artists from all over the world to participate in an exhibition/competiton which was free and open to all. The event received an overwhelming response from artists around the globe and artists from atleast seven different countries participated in the event. It also saw a great variety of style, content and body of work, making it a thriving juncture for artists and art lovers of the Valley as well as from around the world.

“The contest organized by Callisto Art and Culture saw a huge number of submissions of artworks from all over the world and it was difficult for us to make a selection” said Zahoor Kashmiri (founder Callisto Art and Culture). Adding that, “Thanks to our national and international jury members with whose support it was possible to categorize the submissions and we were able to come up with a final list of selected artists”.

“I think that this competition, which includes the best examples of the works produced by many artists from around the world, has a very rich content in terms of style, genre and material. I think that the works of artists working in different disciplines will be exhibited side by side, forming a conceptual framework for the exhibition. I was also happy to be a part of this competition, which was organized to support the art work and free creativity of the participants and to give them artistic visibility.

I congratulate all the winners and thank the organizers for their contribution to the arts”. Ceyhun Konak (Jury member) Associate professor (Turkey).

Zahoor Zargar, a reputed artist from Kashmir and former Dean Faculty of Fine Arts Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi said in a statement, “This competition is a first of its kind. Being on an online platform, this competition has opened itself to many participants across the globe. I am sure that a lot of budding Kashmiri artists would use this opportunity to showcase their artistic brilliance at the highest level.”

Adding that, “In terms of style, genre & material, this competition has ensured that the creativity of participants is foremost and that true artistic finesse would be given enough visibility at an international level and I would like to thank the organizers for taking this initiative & ensuring enough participation. I would also like to congratulate and encourage the winners who have aced the competition.”

“The richness of creativity is going to be exposed among the multicultural ideas of different artistic techniques, which I think is the key to success of this art exhibition, congratulations to all the producers involved in the project and to the artist who join this first international online  art competition.

Let’s all rock’n roll together”. Jury member, Carlos Miguel Ramirez (Mexio)

“The 1st online art competition is an excellent proposal in which not only the opportunity to express sensitivity and creativity through different plastic and visual artistic languages ​​is evidenced, it is also a cultural medium that due to the current context becomes a virtual window to see the various cultures and forms of expression of the world.

I congratulate and thank the organizers for this good initiative of Art.”

Daniel Gallegos Esquivias (Jury member)  Visual Artist and Teacher (Peru).

In a statement Shahid Ali Khan (Cultural officer University of Kashmir) advisor Callisto Art and Culture said, “It’s my pleasure and honor to convey my best wishes and hearty congratulations to the organizing team and all the artists participating in this online art competition. I am certain that this event will not only enable the artists to vitrine their exquisite artistic talent but also provide a valuable opportunity to engage and connect with all that is best and exciting in the international world of the Arts.

As part of this humble initiative, I am grateful for all the love and cooperation that has made it possible for us to bring this competition to you. I have faith that this art competition will bring us together, leaving us moved, stimulated, entertained and uplifted. I am hopeful that artists will find much to enjoy in this extraordinary online event in which artists from across the country and outside including Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Srilanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, Syria and Bangladesh are participating. In a time where most of us can’t travel, the Callisto Art and Culture has brought the world to you, and Kashmiri artists to the world.”

He wished best for the organizers as well as participants saying, “ My sincere thanks to all the artists from across the world who are participating in the competition and have shared their artistic wealth. My gratitude goes out to our esteemed Judges for their persistent support and cooperation. My best wishes to Artist Zahoor Kashmiri and Artist Tasaduq Hussain who have been working tirelessly to ensure the success of this competition”.

I wish you all a very enjoyable and fruitful experience.”

Curators of the event also appreciated Callisto Art and Culture for their effort to promote Art and encourage artists to actively participate in art events organized on national and international platforms. “ In its first International Online Art Contest ‘Callisto Art and Culture’ has remarkably brought together artists from different countries, creating a platform to showcase diversity within the art field. It’s an initiative structured by Callisto Art and Culture to promote and appreciate artists from different parts of the world as well as to encourage local artists to interact with their contemporaries through their art. In the time of Covid 19 when most of the Art Galleries and Art institute’s remain closed artists mostly emerging artists face tremendous challenge. In such a time initiatives like this are instrumental to persuade artists to keep up with their art and eventually boost their artistic approach by relieving them from the enforced restrictions of the epidemic.

Callisto Art and Culture’ in its maiden International Online Art contest called for free entries from national and international artists encouraging more participation and hence diversity. Callisto Art and Culture received an over whelming response from artists all around the globe. And after Several interactions with the members of Callisto Art and Culture and our national and international jury members it was possible to select  body of work for our first online art contest.

With special thanks to our National and International jury members for their precious time that they dedicated for us to initiate such an event. And our thanks to all the supporters and media partners for their trust in us and for their encouragement, and a very special thanks to all the participants who gave us a chance to showcase their work and made this event possible”. Basharat Bashir (Curator Team)

 “I am pleased by the support of all artists, jury members and media partners for making this event a success. I hope this first of its kind; online international artistic event may bring a huge difference in showcasing talent and provide a great opportunity for participating artists in future.

I congratulate the selected participants and I wish best of luck to those who couldn’t make it to the selection. The best and only thing that one can do to achieve his/her goal is to keep trying and never give up. Keep yourself focused and you will eventually succeed in your endeavor.

I appreciate the passion and spirit of participants who submitted their wonderful art works.

Callisto Art and Culture is aimed to provide platform to the talent in the field of art by organising world class events. Callisto values every support it received from its members, Jury and media partners thanks for making this event possible.”    Zahoor kashmiri  (Founder Team India CALLISTO).



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