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Heart patients face higher COVID-19 risk, should get vaccinated on priority: Dr Dharminder

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Jammu: Associate Professor of Cardiology, Super Speciality Hospital, Government Medical College, Jammu, Dr. Dharminder Kumar has cautioned heart patients to adopt Covid super behavior amid the pandemic.

“Coronavirus affects the function of the heart and is a major cause of Covid deaths,” he said.

  ‘People with heart issues need to take the vaccine at the earliest, if not already vaccinated. Those with kidney-liver problems and asthma patients also need to take the vaccine immediately in addition to their treatment’” he advised while explaining the complications triggered by the novel virus.

Explaining further, he said that the virus usually attacks the lungs and the heart and can become a cause of heart attack, heart block or heart failure. ‘While in a heart attack, nutrition to the pulmonary artery is hindered due to blockage, in case of heart block, the electrical conduction system becomes abnormal and dysfunctional. In case of heart failure, the pumping action of the heart is affected because of weakness in heart muscles’, he explained.

‘High inflammatory markers are detected in patients with potential heart issues. Such patients are given steroids, anticoagulants and other recommended drugs’, said the doctor. He also discouraged unsupervised administration of steroids to Covid patients. ‘It has been observed that normally, patients show progress after supervision of steroids and their lungs and heart start working with increased capacity in 3-4 days’, assured Dr Dharminder.

Dr Dharminder urged everyone to adopt Covid appropriate behaviour to avoid post-Covid complications. He specifically advised the heart patients to take care of their heart and not to go out in public unless necessary. The patients are also advised to keep taking their medicines after consultation with their doctor.

Dr Dharminder informed that all Covid-related queries and doubts can be cleared on the helpline number 0191 2571616. Public can also call the Divisional Control Room at 0191-2520982, 2549676, 2674444, 2674115, 2674908.

Moreover, J&K Government has started a live phone-in health programme on Gulistan channel which is aired twice daily- from 8:30 am to 9 am and 8:30 pm to 9 pm. Eminent doctors respond to public queries during the programme. Anybody from the public can call on the above-mentioned Divisional Control Room phone numbers and seek information related to Covid treatment, home isolation and other non-Covid health problems.

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